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Viking Industries

Viking Industries

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Project Overview

Viking Industries is a part of the renowned Ellen Group of Companies. Based in Coimbatore, the concern is known for its extraordinary skillset in the foundry and pump manufacturing circles.

Case Highlights

  • The website – Viking Industries, developed by Mind Spark Technologies, boasts a pleasing look that helps the visitors gain knowledge about the company and its processes.
  • Grouped listing of services in the website helps visitors to search across the website effortlessly. The in-built zoom feature enriches the view of the products displayed in an attractive manner.
  • The website is developed using advanced technologies and, in turn, it provides easy accessibility across all platforms and devices. The website is also highly responsive to boot!
  • While the website meets all the coding guidelines that are followed all over the world, it is also bug free.


Pump Components, Valve & Pump Casting Manufacturers

Target Customers

Provides valuable insight into serving the customers better




Simple and smart

Unique Feature

Simple and Interactive Mobile Friendly site
screen center

Delivered Solution

Our team worked hard to meet every single requirement needed for the clients. There were multiple rounds of meetings and discussions to zero down on the technology that was most ideal. We made sure that during image transfer between users, the image would be compressed just the right way to allow quick file transfer and downloading without deteriorating the image quality.

Simple and Interactive Mobile Friendly website developed to represent its manufacturing equipment features.
Animated sliders and customer-related forms and Grouped listing of services in the website the help the users to feel easy search across the website.
It’s a bug-free website and provides access across all the platforms and flexible with cross browsers compatibility.

screen right

Product enquiry plays the main role in this application. Simple and smart product enquiry way attracts the user to submit the request. responsive template of product inner page gives complete details of the chemical product.

After Submission of enquiry, the admin who belongs to that category receives the mail. Customer also receives the confirmation mail. Order admin will start to manage the order after the user accepts the product price.

Beautiful classified list of services gives a short description in the home template for visitors, and they can navigate to the service detail page.Animated service quick finders attract the user to feel better.

Every page on the website contains a call to action section provides the user to leave their request according to the product.

Our Services

Attractive and simple catalogue template of products will give a clear look to visitors. Fully responsive and user-friendly template. Visitors can view the product by clicking on it they can navigate to the product enquiry page.

On that page, they can leave their enquiry about their chosen product. Simplest product enquiry form helps the visitors to submit the form effortlessly.

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