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ERP Software Development Service

We have already ensured our quality and responsibility by developing a great number of ERP solutions for customers across the world. Our custom ERP development provides an end to end business solution for different verticals like:

Advantages of custom ERP development

Our ERP development Process

Preparation for implementation: The first stage of our development process includes consulting, identification of project scope, number of modules needed etc. We start with understanding and deep analysis of your organization’s strategy and existing business processes.

Customization: We offer configuration options that incorporate your business rules and practices to deliver the most suitable ERP feature set. By customizing your ERP software, you don’t loose your competitive advantage as opposed to the organizations that use standard ERP functionality.


Our custom ERP solutions

Mind Spark Technologies delivers comprehensive ERP software solutions for businesses of any type and size.

ERP Development FAQ :

How Odoo framework work?

Understanding Models and Views: At first We must understand the models in Odoo. Most of us spend time specifically discussing the res_partner model that underlies many collections in Odoo including Customers, Suppliers, Employees, and Users.

We need to look at the various relationships between models and how One 2 many, many 2 one, and Many 2 Many fields in models can bind models together to create the powerful app solutions that Odoo offers. So, must learn how views can take the information from within models and display them in different forms for the users to view & communicate with.

View Controller Aspect of Odoo’s Framework: When models are holding the data and view the data, controllers act as the go-between to create functional applications.

Actions of Odoo: Odoo Framework can’t be completed without a proper discussion of actions.

Is odoo technologies useful to developing ERP software?

As of my last update in September 2021, Odoo is indeed a popular and powerful open-source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform that can be highly useful for developing ERP software. Odoo provides a wide range of modules and features that cover various business functions, making it a comprehensive solution for managing different aspects of an organization. There are many reasons why Odoo can be beneficial for developing ERP software:

Open-source, Modular Architecture, Extensibility, Community and ecosystem, User-friendly interface and Cost-effective.