Swift Application Development

Objective-C is the essential programming language utilized by the application development companies programming for OS X and IOS. It is a superset of the C programming language and gives object-situated capabilities and a dynamic runtime.

It depends on C programming language with bunches of object-situated highlights included. It includes language-level help for object diagram administration and object literals while providing dynamic typing and binding, deferring numerous obligations until runtime.

Why swift..?

Swift is another programming language for IOS and OS X apps. It expands on the best of C and Objective-C without the constraints of C compatibility. It receives safe programming examples and adds present-day highlights to make programming less demanding and more flexible.

In Mind Spark Technologies, the moment we receive a new mobile app development project, we start to get building various wireframes for the mobile app project. Those mockups are presented to the clients for reference, based on the shortlisted mockups, final prototype is presented to the client and we start the app development as soon as the client approves the prototype.

Why MST…?

Our highly skilled IOS mobile app developers have cutting edge knowledge of IOS development environment. We don’t wind up simply creating IOS mobile apps, we work with our clients from conceptual design, architecture planning, app implementation and release, quality check, version upgrades and maintenance.

We work with customer from conception, architecture and design of the app, development and settling live. Our expertise covers a broad range of functionalities including web services, social media integration, streaming, GPS, maps, web services integration and database synchronization.

Before we deliver the demo of the app to our clients, our quality testers and analysts test the app against various quality parameters using various methodologies. We provide maintenance support and add features as the development progresses. Finally we will publish the app once all the bugs are fixed with all the required features.