How to maintain your website?


A website is one of the best marketing tools for every business. If you have a website for your online business or portfolio it is necessary to maintain the website properly. Many people develop the powerful website but they lack in maintenance. Maintaining a website involves various activities.Website maintenance includes content update, search query analytics, Performance review, Speed test, Ranking check etc.

Even though if you have built an amazing website, it is necessary to update it regularly in order to get the best ranking in the search engines.

It is not sure that all the website owners have the technical knowledge to maintain their website properly. That kind of person needs to select the best web development company with website maintenance services also.

We at Mind Spark Technologies not only develop the website but also maintain the website.

The common web maintenance tasks include,

Regular Backup:

Backup your website files and database,that will help to restore the website when it is crashed due to any circumstances.Choose the best hosting company who provides an automatic backup option or else do manually and store it on the local server.

Search Engine Optimization:

Check your website ranking periodically and  know about your competitors.In order to increase the website rank, best SEO is needed.

Periodically check the website for crawl errors using webmaster tools and fix all 404 errors.    

Keep files up to date:    

All the software or  technology used in the website must be updated to get new features and security for your website.


If your website goes down, it should be noticed immediately. Because for online business people, even the small downtime of the website causes a large amount of loss in sales.


Keep the domain and hosting renewal date reminded properly or else enable an auto-renewal option to avoid website downtime.

Website maintenance is an essential thing every website holder needs to have. Mind Spark Technologies helps clients by providing maintenance service at an affordable price. We develop and maintain your website and notify you immediately if any issues occur.