UI/UX design in Mobile App Development



UI/UX design in Mobile App Development

Why UI/UX design in Mobile Apps is important…?

Nowadays most of the people are using digital media either through mobile or desktops. Among them, mobiles are great to create engagement. In 2017, the number of app downloads was 200 billion and is said to reach 350 billion in the year 2021. So Mobile applications are one of the biggest reasons why people are going with mobile.

People are rushing into mobile apps because of its functionality and the ability to get things done quickly. With extensive number of mobile apps emerging in the market place, we know that UI/UX design can be the differentiating factor that can result into user delight or user dismay.


To know the importance of mobile app UI/UX design is a must. Many developers can create an app with great performance but fail to focus on the designing which leads to downfall the mobile app. The balance between the functionality and UI/UX design of an app is hard to keep but that’s what is needed to be done.

For a start-up or any small business, an impressive UI/UX is the best way to attract their customers. When users visit your app, the designs grab the attention of the users and ensure they spend as much as time on the app as possible. A good app has higher usage time, and this can be done with the app’s UI/UX design.

While designing mobile apps, we use ground breaking tools including HTML5, CSS3, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel draw and other latest trending tools in the market place. User Interface (UI) for the mobile apps is one of the complicated tasks to design because it requires complete compatibility among devices depending on their screen size, graphics, resolutions and other views.

At MST, we initiate Design-first and Develop-second approach. Our designing process starts with building a strategic vision for our client’s project. Our strategy and ideation experts enable us to focus on the key factors that include challenges, requirements, the user personal and business objectives, among others.

A mobile app that includes creative designs can quickly connect with the targeted audiences; spread the messages across and influences user’s behavior. Be it building a brand from scratch or reinforcing the brand’s identity, we at Mind Spark Technologies understand the connection between the mobile and brand. And that’s the reason we are the choice of leading brands and emerging start-ups.