Conversion Calculator

A unique conversion calculator that not only converts between various units of measurement. Area, volume, length/distance, etc. but provides Indian and European notational conversions.

India has it own numerical system for many 1000 years. As we integrate in the world, people are sometimes confused with the various units used in the Indian context.

M Chat

M Chat is a unique chat application that can be used to communicate within schools, organizations, associations etc.The biggest difference between M Chat and other chatting apps is the feature of Groups and sub groups. If a message is sent to a group, the same message will be received by the sub group members.


A driving safely app that keeps you away from distraction while you are driving.Even minute distractions can be fatal when you are driving.We know your life is far too precious to squander it on the road by a mistimed call well-intentioned message.

M Club

M Club helps you to stay connected with your club’s activities on the go. Order food, Book rooms, venues and enjoy all the privileges your club offers from your seat with this powerful app!
A registered member can view all the activities of his club and be actively involved in it. The dashboard provides the history of all the transactions a user makes and thus enables him to keep track of his expenditures easily.

M Sales

Wi-Fi SSID Predetermined Wi-Fi SSIDs are used to identify a geo-fenced location. The user doesn’t need to connect with the Wi-Fi for the app to trigger. Mere identification of the SSID is enough to trigger the activation of the application.
GPS Location If you choose GPS, the application uses the GP location data to determine whether you are driving. As this functionality may drain your battery, we have devised a contingency plan. You can add a schedule to trigger the app instead of using the GPS data.

Translate SMS

Tired of receiving messages in a language you don’t know? Concerned about communicating with people who don’t know English?

Worry no more! Download Translate SMS now and enjoy uninterrupted texting!

Translate SMS offers translations from more than 35+ languages. Not only that, the phonetic feature in the application ensures that you can learn the pronunciations of all those languages with a deceptive ease.

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