Ellen Textiles

Ellen Textiles

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Project Overview

Ellen Textiles Private Limited is a part of the renowned Ellen Groups in Coimbatore. It is one of the leading manufacturers of yarn in Coimbatore. Started in 1980, Ellen Textiles boasts a rich heritage of three decades of presence in the textile industry.

Case Highlights

  • Since its inception, Ellen Textiles has evolved into a highly quality conscious organization and are widely known for their efficient manufacturing process.
  • The website is developed by Mind Spark Technologies with advanced technology stack. The primary purpose of the website is to display the products and services offered by Ellen Textiles. The website also details the outstanding infrastructure of the company.
  • It boasts visually stunning animations that enrich the visitor experience. The bug-free code and elegant design of the website grabs visitors’ attention in a remarkable manner.
  • The website is highly responsive across all the platforms and functions without hindrance in all the devices.


Yarn Manufacturers

Target Customers

Constantly expanded product line to meet customer demand and various markets




Detailed view of services and products.

Unique Feature

Simple and interactive Mobile Friendly site

Delivered Solution

Our team worked hard to meet every single requirement needed for the clients. There were multiple rounds of meetings and discussions to zero down on the technology that was most ideal. We made sure that during image transfer between users, the image would be compressed just the right way to allow quick file transfer and downloading without deteriorating the image quality.

The website is highly responsive in all devices and user-friendly.

This website is mainly developed for represents yarn features services and infrastructures. Simple and attractive layouts give a good impression among users.


This website is developed for enhancing the quality and infrastructures of the product. Beautiful and attractive animations produced while the user scrolls the page will lead the users to give good experience among the website.

This is one of the uniques features website developed especially for yarn manufacturing. Simple and admired view of layouts gives a good impression to users.

Visitors can view the quality overview in home page layout in beautiful classified grid. It was fully responsive and mobile-friendly website.

Mostly simple and attractive will increase the count of visitors on websites. This is one of the websites which represent the qualities and infrastructures of products.


Uniques features of the products and technical bases which is represented in a simple tab view. So visitors can view the product small description clearly without difficulties.

Animated counters will give the count of statistics, it also one of the uniques features of these kinds of yarn manufacture website.

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