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What is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore custom software development is the process of developing software with overseas talent to help with information technology, UI / UX design, development, programming and other areas of expertise. Offshore software development provides a cost-efficient and scalable solution for the companies who willing to outsource their projects.

There are three basic ways to use offshore development team:

  1.   Companies hire a dedicated offshore development team to complete certain modules.
  2.   Companies can also remotely hire entire teams for their short-term projects.
  3.   Some companies create and implement a product then outsource the complete IT application depending on their business needs and objectives.


Why Choose Mind Spark Technologies?

Mind Spark Technologies provides you with dedicated offshore development center with dedicated developers for your projects. We develop and deliver custom software products that satisfies end-users and drives ROI.

Your highly skilled team of dedicated developers will offer the most powerful solution while  always keeping in touch and working closely with you. Our dedicated teams are expert in innovative custom software product development to satisfy unique needs of end-users.

Our designers are up-to-date in designing technology, offering the best designs, and deliver world class user experience.

Our project managers will provide accurate project planning (timeline, budget, and project scope) and control which will increase the efficiency of your dedicated team.

Mind Spark Technologies creates a customized solution right for your business needs. We provide a cost-effective solution in cutting-edge technologies for your project.

Offshore programming services at Mind Spark Technologies includes:

  •    Hire Dedicated Web Developers: Our professional team has extensive experience and knowledge in such technologies as HTML,      XML, HTML5, CSS, CMS, PHP, React JS, Node JS, Codeigniter, Laravel, MVC Frameworks, Odoo Framework, WordPress, Joomla, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, Prestashop, Magento, etc.
  •    Hire Dedicated APP Developers: Our professional team has extensive experience and knowledge in such technologies as Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, Java, SDK, React Native, etc.
  •    Hire Dedicated UI/UX Designers: We have expertise in Photoshop, Adobe Tools, Corel Draw and other widely used scripting languages.
  •    Hire Digital Marketer: We have expertise in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, SEO moz, Alexa, and other widely used scripting languages.
  •    Hire Dedicated BA, Team Leads and PM: Our professional team has extensive experience and knowledge in the latest project management practices (planning, collaboration and reporting tools and methodologies like Agile) to successfully manage small, medium, and large sized projects.

In addition, our teams are passionate in technology, experts who create high quality and easily maintainable code, leveraging the cutting-edge technologies and applying best programming practices.

At Mind Spark Technologies, we help companies create software products with the help of offshore developers. If you have questions about our consulting process and why we are the right offshore software development company for your team to work with,  contact us today!