Introducing MSales


Are you a person managing a sales/marketing team? Is your concern for your monthly targets making you lose sleep? Are you worried about the activities of your sales/marketing team?

Then you would know how pressurizing the job is.

The biggest challenge of the work is the uncertainty. A sales/marketing manager can never be certain about his subordinates and the reports they give. Somewhere in the back of their mind, the seeds of uncertainty will always be there. And every sensible businessman knows that those seeds are nothing but trouble.

Our new app MSales is designed to eradicate those uncertain thoughts a manager might entertain regarding his sales team. The app allows you to manage your sales team efficiently from your seat.

Here are few of its extraordinary features that might interest you

Real Time Location Tracker

For half the managers out there, their main concern is whether their subordinates are meeting their prospective clients. In fact, you wonder daily whether your subordinate is going to show up for a meeting that you have scheduled with a prospective client on time.

With this app you can track your subordinates’ location real time. It would help you identify and locate where your subordinate is at the moment and also keep track of his activities.

The feature also helps you to let your mind rest in peace regarding the uncertainties around a meeting with a prospective client.

Battery Status Updater

Every manager has had a time in his life when he had wished for an update on his subordinate’s mobile battery status. Too often managers get to listen that their subordinate’s mobile is switched off. Not knowing whether the battery has run dry or the subordinate has switched it off on purpose irks the manager for sure.

One of the extraordinary features of the app is the in-built Battery Status Updater. The app registers the battery status of the subordinate’s mobile periodically and helps managers to plan the workload accordingly.

Tiered Hierarchical Model

Hierarchy is essential in a workplace. It helps the workplace to function smoothly without any major glitches.

Targeted towards a work environment our product features a tiered hierarchical model which could be integrated into any existing system effectively. The feasibility of the app is such that it provides smooth transition from existing system to a new system.

It provides multi-user facility that is designed to support varying types of users that could exist in a hierarchical model in a sales/marketing team. User specific dashboard and functionalities makes it must have app for every marketing/sales team.

Task Manager

Sometimes the person in the field may get a lead on the field that he needs to follow up urgently and he will be torn between following it up and reporting it to his/her manager.

Similarly, the problem managers face in assigning subordinates spontaneous work on the go is that there is no record for it either.

With our in-built Task Manager, either a person in the field or a manager can assign tasks on the go and not worry about recordkeeping. The Task Manager also allows you to download reports and help create periodical reports that will help you analyze your progress.

Leave Management

Leave management can be a major headache if you don’t have proper management tools. Being ignorant of which employees are not dropping in is not a good thing for a manager.

With our in-built Leave Management system, employees can apply for leave and managers can approve or reject them based on the circumstances. This feature helps you to manage your workforce effectively.

Elegant Design

You can have the best product in the world, but if it looks ugly, no one is going to buy it. With all the above listed extraordinary features listed above, the app is also designed with elegance in mind. The usability of the app has never been compromised all through the build.

Do you think that this app might help you to boost your business? Contact us now and get your company integrated with the app!