Enhanced E-Commerce with Google Analytics – Mind Spark Technologies


Enhanced E-Commerce with Google Analytics – Mind Spark Technologies

The most prevalent question in today’s business world is what is Google Analytics and how do I use it?

What exactly does it take to conceptualize, open, run, and promote a successful retail store? Chances are if you’ve ever looked into it, you’ll know that it’s a pretty large undertaking, with very few shortcuts for those who’ve never done it before.

There’s also plenty of rookie mistakes that not only end up costing a fortune but could derail the entire operation.

Mind Spark Technologies is promoted by seasoned entrepreneurs with vast experience in the IT industry, having provided consulting services to more than 70+ companies all over the US spanning various industries, from education to mining to high technology.

Let’s take a look at some of the enhanced E-Commerce features that Google Analytics will be rolling out.

• Overview and Product Performance Report:

This includes data for the revenue along with the conversion rates that your products generate. Other key data points include how many products the average transaction includes, average order value, and so much more.

• Shopping Analysis Report:

This report provides you with a concise and detailed look into how customers on your site are engaging with your content – how they view, add or remove products from shopping carts, as well as initiate, complete, and abandon the transaction.

By enabling the new features, online stores owners can gain insight into the entirety of the customers’ journey from when they first arrive to when they make a purchase or end up abandoning their cart.

With greater insight into the “why” behind each touch point, Mind Spark Technologies hopes you’ll be better equipped for a well thought-out re-marketing or funnel optimization strategy to cash in on those lost opportunities.

Mind Spark Technologies has the expertise who can do wonders to your site and help you achieve your dreams. We create powerful E-commerce website with integrated shopping & user-friendly features.