How to protect your website from Hacking?


Hacking is mainly done through the automated script. It is important to protect a website from hacking.If your website is not secured, then it will be hacked easily. The following are the steps to be followed to prevent your website from hacking attempts,

Update the code and software:

If you are using any third party software or CMS for your website, then it is necessary to check for new updates periodically. Because outdated scripts are easy to hack.

Database protection:

The database is the main part of every website. SQL injection is a part of the hacking attempt which is popular nowadays. If your website is having the form by which the users enter the data, the attackers may insert malicious code and submit it. If the form does not have proper validation then it is the way to hack the database and the whole website. Do not allow auto-fill option in the form. Assign the proper privilege for database users, change the passwords frequently.

If any file upload option is there on your website, it is mandatory to have proper validation.

User Credentials:

Make your website username and passwords to be stronger. Do not use manually generated password instead, use password generator. The password length should have a minimum length of 12 characters.

The website name or a person name is to be avoided in the username field because the attackers can guess the username easily. Do not share your website credentials with anyone other than required.

Always be careful with the Files and Folders permission levels. Hide the admin pages from the user end. Customize the login URL.

Frequent backup:

Backup your website frequently, so that if the malware attack or any other issues happen to the website, you can restore the website with the help of backup files.

SSL Certificate:

It is good to install SSL certificate for your website, if any personal information is shared on the website or if it an e-commerce website, card details, user credentials are stored. SSL certificate is mandatory for that kind of websites.

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