Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is one of the hottest trends and technologies these days. It attracts IT leaders and organization of all levels by revealing its exceptional benefits.

What is “The Cloud Computing”?

The cloud computing is the process of delivering computing services, over the internet.It provides the rights to access the applications as utility services and allows us to create, configure, customize the application via web.Cloud computing offers Storing and accessing of data by providing data storage, infrastructure and application online.

Services of cloud computing

software as a service
platform as a service
backend as a service
desktop as a service
infrastructure as a service
information technology management as a service.


With cloud computing, users can access database resources via the internet from anywhere, anytime, without worrying about any maintenance or management of actual resources.
It is a combination of both software and hardware based computing resources, services and solutions that are delivered and consumed in real-time over the web.

Forms of cloud

Cloud computing comes in three forms, depending on the type of data you are working with.


Cloud services that can be over a free public network are known as the public cloud.The services and infrastructure are provided over the web and have a great efficiency in sharing resources.There are some limitations with public cloud, that could not be fit for every organization, they are limited configuration, security and more.


Cloud services that are maintained in a private network are known as the private cloud.The services and infrastructure are provided over a private network.An organization with the private cloud can enjoy the great level of security and control, by purchasing and maintain all the software and infrastructure.


Cloud services that are maintained with a firewall over the public network are known as the hybrid cloud.It has multiple varieties of public and private service with multiple providers.Hybrid cloud service gives businesses greater flexibility and more data deployment options.

The World before cloud

Before cloud computing, the traditional business application was the ruler of the world.As they have been very complicated and expensive, it is difficult for the organization to maintain.They need huge amount of hardware and software and to run the organization is challenging.It needs a whole team of experts to install, configure, test, run, update and secure the business application.

Cloud-The better one

With cloud computing, you can ignore the problems faces by using traditional business software, by reducing the cost of hardware and software.Because managing of software and hardware components are of vendor’s responsibility.You can completely access the utility of the service and only pay for what you use. By this feature, the organization can focus on business and let go of tasks and threads like security, installation, update, components requirement and more.

Few characteristics had made cloud a ruler .


On-demand self-service

Organization hosting service through cloud provider has advantages of enjoying complete services.You can access and have the power to change the cloud services through online control panel or directly with service provider.

Anywhere, anytime and any device

With the feature of broad network access, you can use the cloud services by connecting a device with internet from anywhere, anytime.By this mobility, feature organization can pay attention during office hours as well as on/off times, where employees can stay connected.Broad network access includes private cloud(within the company’s firewall), public and hybrid cloud.

Resourcing pooling

The organization with multiple businesses offices and field service or, sales teams that are usually on field work can enjoy the cloud service by entering and use data within the business management software hosted in the cloud at the same time.


You can easily adapt to the services based on your requirement.You can enjoy the service with flexibility and scalability, to suit your immediate business needs.You can quickly add and remove employees, upgrade, software and other resources.

Pay as you go

Cloud service allows us to go for “pay for what you use”.You and your cloud service provider can have the report for total amount of resources that has been used and can be monitored, controlled from both sides.

Easy recovery

Since cloud computing providers enable automatic backup of data and information, it is easy for the service provider and user to recover the data, without worrying about the machine. And in case of losing of devices, you can wipe the content from the device Without worrying about the attackers.

Ruler of the future

The term Cloud holds many potential opportunities and capabilities, By playing an incredible role for major IT systems. You can create a new world of jobs, services, platforms, applications and more. Many small, medium and large sized organization have already moved to cloud, in order to enjoy the benefits provided by the cloud.

Few drawbacks of cloud

Even though cloud has many beneficial, Here are the few drawbacks of cloud where you must be aware before moving to cloud.


The function of the cloud computing mainly depends on the strength of the internet connection. Storing and transferring of data are over the web gets affected because, if the network is down, cloud service are down as well. If the connection runs slow, then your cloud-based services will remains slow and output will get affected.And your entire process will remain idle, So it is important to verify the efficiency of the providers by trying trial basis before moving to their services and support.


As cloud computing served is processed mainly through the internet, Storing and sharing of data and reliable information is over the web.Although security in the cloud are generally good and reliable but there are some serious security concerns, where attackers can access the network of systems by breaching a single system.So it is important to take care of the sensible data with proper security measures from both user and service providers.

Hidden cost

Cloud computing application may appear to be the lot cheaper than a normal traditional way of computing. But it has certain hidden cost, Where service provider charges for additional updates and features that are much needed for our organization. Few vendors claim for what you use, But that may not be entirely true Because they claim as a pre-payments, where the payment will be high.So it is important to verify whether the required features are included in the package and need to look closely at the pricing plans and detail of the application for sure until you find the right one.

Vendor lock up & Supports

Many cloud service vendors lock’s you with the terms and conditions of the application formats and you cannot add documents created in another application, which may lower your business and it is difficult to get a good customer support from cloud computing services,they often don’t provide manual access for service, Instead, they move as the online community support. So it is important to make sure that you can add and remove cloud computing users based on your needs.

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