Why Algorithm Updates Are Important for SEO Campaign?



Finding valuable data on the ­World Wide Web(Internet through the browser) is a seemingly simple task as the server lends the results of millions of web pages in a fraction of a second based on user search queries. As indicated by the reputed Web research firm, there are almost 150,000,000 dynamic Sites on the web today.  

Google cut out its task through various algorithmic methods defined by its own to provide the best results according to the user intent and search queries. The fact is not all websites ranking on the first or second page of Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs). Google assigns ranking positions to each and every page of the website based on the various factors.

Google continually makes changes in algorithmic updates very often to rank quality web pages over low-quality ones.

Why are These Changes Matters?

With every algorithm update being released, individuals at last discover ways to get better search results based on their intent and search queries.

Numerous algorithm changes are endeavors to address the loopholes of existing ones so that Google’s users are compensated with high quality and trustworthy web pages that accurately serve their purpose.

In case you’re new to SEO and the Google algorithm changes, we trust this article demystified a few points for you and leaves you with some takeaways from this. 

Google is the leader of search engines compared to other search engines like Yahoo and Bing and it dominates business for quite a long years to come. 

You need to advance or optimize your online strategies to keep your site profoundly positioned in SERPs based on google algorithmic changes. 

Here are Some Critical Takeaways to Remember for SEO Based on the Recent Algorithm Updates: 

Make content that is unique and write it for the user’s intent.

Design your website as user-friendly by optimizing images, videos and Speed.

Optimize web pages meta tags like title and description according to the recommended characters length.

Google algorithm changes habitually, yet you can keep steady over the changes. 

Structure your page content with H1 to H6 tags with a variety of keywords that matches user intent

Try not to attempt to swindle the google framework—Google always looking for quality and trusted pages will in the long run discover and punish your site. 

In the event that you are inexperienced with Search engine optimization, hire a Digital Marketing firm to look after your online presence through various digital marketing strategies like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid Ads, Video Marketing and Email Marketing.

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