UI / UX Design

Our team of UI and UX designers are experts in delivering transformative user interface and user experience overhauls to existing web applications and software products.


From structure, page furniture and layout, to user journey flow, buying cycle assessment and data analysis, our team will quickly get to grips with your current situation. We will then create rapid low-fidelity mock-ups and user journeys to unify stakeholders in a highly targeted direction.

We involve our interface developers in the planning and design stages from the word go. As an interactive medium it’s important that the interaction aesthetic is considered as early as possible.

  • Workshops
  • User journey mapping
  • Customer assessments
  • Analytics / statistical assessment


This stage of the process is about bringing everything together. Our highly experienced UX design team will be taking the planned prototype and increasing the fidelity to a level of quality that brings the interface to life.

Throughout this process we will be validating our design assumptions, collaborating closely with your in-house team and producing designs of the highest quality.

  • Creation of Photoshop PSDs
  • Creation of InVision Clickable Designs
  • Collection of Customer feedback
  • Beautiful interface design
  • Highly engaged user reviews
  • Prototype for development team
  • Design assets ready for build


User experience is about making people feel a certain way, and moving them through their journey seamlessly. That feeling could be reassurance, confidence, excitement – or perhaps you’re trying to instil a feeling of quality. Whatever effect you want to have on your users, a great design is nothing without a great implementation.

Development of great front-end and how that is an interactive interpretation of the design is hugely important. Our designers are continually involved in the development process to ensure that the user interface produced is the very best it can be.

  • High quality front-end code
  • Code is version controlled, managed and documented
  • Testing across agreed device and browser versions
  • High quality front-end code
  • Fully tested to agreed specs
  • Handover with your in-house team