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About M Chat

M Chat is a unique chat application, that can be used to communicate within schools, organizations, associations etc. The biggest difference between M Chat and other chatting apps, is the feature of Groups and Sub Groups. If a message is sent to a group, members of the sub group will also get the message. This is important as you can create hierarchical groups and send messages to all sub groups by send it to the parent group. Useful or Associations, Alumni Associations, Chamber of Commerce, Clubs etc.

Internet Connection is required (wifi or Data Connection – 2G or 3G or 4G)



  • This app is meant for personal and small associations, club or organizations.
  • If you expect high message volume please contact us for the commercial version of the app which will have no usage volume limits.
  • Contact us if you would like the app branded with your organizations icon or for customizations.
  • Chat between members
  • Groups of members
  • Sub Groups within Groups
  • Invite members
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Technology Stack


reactHTML  CSS     

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