About Live-n-Drive

Live-n-Drive is a driving safety app that help you avoid being distracted while driving.
We know your life is more valuable than picking up calls or sms and while driving, we built this app to help drivers focus on driving, there by letting them focus on the road and reducing their chance of getting into an accident.

This utility app helps you when you are driving, by :

  • Turning your phone automatically to silent or vibrate mode
  • Responding to calls and Text (SMS) messages from your contact with a custom message
  • Providing you with the ability to pick urgent calls, when they call twice within a user determined time
  • Schedule based activation of the app to determine trigger activation, this saves battery.
  • Do not disturb functionality



  •  If you picked Bluetooth, we use it to determine that you are in your car (Many new cars have inbuilt bluetooth).
  • We don’t need to connect to the Bluetooth, just finding the Bluetooth is enough to trigger the activation of this app

GPS location

  • We use GPS location data to determine if you are driving. This option will use battery, and hence we provide the ability
  • To add a schedule

Target App Users:

  •  Doctors
  •  Students
  • Office Going Employees


  • We do not collect any personal information at all in this app.
  • This free app, uses Advertisements from AD networks which may possibly track a user.
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Technology Stack


reactHTML  CSS     

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