Jumbo SMS

About Jumbo SMS

Meet our Jumbo! It will help you to carry more text in an SMS!

Jumbo SMS is a text messaging application that is designed to integrate more text into a single SMS than the normal SMS.

How do we do it?

Jumbo SMS compresses the text message you provide so as to fit more text in the same text message that you send out.

Our high quality text compression technique ensures that no data is lost during the compression and decompression. Moreover, this method drastically reduces the number of text messages you need to send to convey your thoughts.

Is that all there is to Jumbo?

Unfortunately not. Jumbo has a few more surprises to throw your way. With this app, you can send your status and location information without data connectivity.

It doesn’t stop there, since Jumbo uses compression techniques to send an SMS, the messages sent by Jumbo are lot more secure than a normal SMS.

What are you waiting for? Download our Jumbo and start packing more text into a single SMS.

Note: Both sender and receiver must have the application.


  • Professional Design
  • High-end Compression Technology
  • Share Status
  • Share Location
  • Secure Messaging
  • Long Text Packed Into Single SMS
  • Use without data connection
  • Clean Layout
  • Easy to use
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