Intranets create synergy between content and conversation even if company is divided by teams, departments, projects, or locations.

Every business will have a number of departments that needs to talk and work with one another asynchronously. The success of a business depends on serial communication of tasks and quality of the information transferred depends on the platform they employ. Intranets can:

  • Create vibrant organizations that connect employees and enable teamwork
  • Communicate polices and facilitate the ease of information flow between employees and management
  • Increase efficiency by using workflows for payroll, appraisals, talent management, etc.

Solution Features

  • Forms
  • Forums
  • Workflows
  • Document sharing
  • Employee directory
  • Content repository
  • Project management
  • Information discovery
  • Real-time activity feeds


Improved productivity
Better collaboration
Better knowledge management
Streamlines processes
Identifies knowledge gaps

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