Content Management Solution


Impiger content publishing framework, imPublish, is the easiest way for publishers to deliver content and a great reading experience for its users

Publishing involves many people, policies, procedures, and has the ultimate objective of meeting the readers’ needs. Impiger understands the needs and it reflects on our content publishing framework.

  • imPublish focuses on universal content and rapid information deployment.
  • Delivers content to any handheld or mobile device on a clean, and reader friendly application.
  • Supports all content types, has features to control publishing workflows, content management, and much more.

Solution Features

  • Offline viewing
  • Content management
  • Push notifications
  • Subscriber management
  • Social media integration
  • User admin and access control
  • Compatible on Android and iOS
  • Supports multiple data formats such as PDF, XML, and Word
  • Supports online transactions with App Store, Play Store, and Kindle


We are building bridges in web technology in order to connect the client’s goal to reality.


One time set up
User-friendly reading experience
Better process control
Centralizes administration issues
Simplifies translation