Live-n-Drive is a driving safety app that keeps you away from distraction while you are driving.

Even minute distractions can be fatal when you are driving. We know your life is far too precious to squander it on the road by a mistimed call or a well-intentioned message.

With that in mind, we have built this extremely handy driving safety application to help you focus on your driving and avoid accidents on the road.

What we use to determine whether you are driving?

  • Bluetooth

If you choose Bluetooth option, the application determines whether you are in your car by detecting your car’s Bluetooth name and triggering the app. There I no need for you to connect to car’s Bluetooth, just detecting it will trigger the app.

  • GPS

If you choose GPS, the application uses the GP location data to determine whether you are driving. As this functionality may drain your battery, we have devised a contingency plan. You can add a schedule to trigger the app instead of using the GPS data.

Once determined, the application does the following to ensure that you drive without any distractions.

  • Turns your phone automatically to silent or vibrate mode.
  • Responds to calls and text (SMS) messages with a custom message of your choice.
  • If someone calls you twice within a user determined time, the app provides the ability to pick emergency calls.
  • Turns on Do Not Disturb functionality.

Added Features

  • Auto-connect with vehicle’s Bluetooth device
  • Status Notes
  • Auto reply with custom message
  • Automatic Mode Change
  • DND functionality
  • Innovative configuration settings
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Multiple Safety Features
  • Emergency Call Facility

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