GeoResponder is a geographical fencing utility that helps in user automation.

How we determine?

  • Wi-Fi SSID
    • Predetermined Wi-Fi SSIDs are used to identify a geo-fenced location. The user doesn’t need to connect with the Wi-Fi for the app to trigger. Mere identification of the SSID is enough to trigger the activation of the application.
  • GPS Location
    • If you choose GPS, the application uses the GP location data to determine whether you are driving. As this functionality may drain your battery, we have devised a contingency plan. You can add a schedule to trigger the app instead of using the GPS data.

Once determined, the application does the following to ensure that you drive without any distractions.

  • Turns your phone automatically to silent or vibrate mode.
  • Responds to calls and text (SMS) messages with a custom message of your choice.
  • If someone calls you twice within a user determined time, the app provides the ability to pick emergency calls.
  • Turns on Do Not Disturb functionality.

Added Features

  • Professional Design
  • Scheduled Trigger
  • Auto-reply With Custom Message
  • Automatic Mode Change
  • DND Functionality
  • Innovative configuration settings
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Emergency Call Facility
  • Exclusion List

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