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AboutConversion Calculator

Conversion Calculator is a simple, but powerful conversion application from Mind Spark Technologies.

Our Conversion calculator provides several unique features that are not available in other conversion apps. Our in-built category listing helps you to prioritize the categories as per your wish.

Get to know few of our extraordinary features

  • Our Drag & Drop feature enables you to drag and drop conversion units instead of typing it.
  • The swap option allows you to interchange categories and conversions much faster than other apps.
  • Create favorites for the conversion you use frequently.
  • Outputs in both text and numeric format.
  • Perform arithmetic calculations inside the input field.
  • Automatic delimiter addition ensures output readability.
  • Perform multiple conversions for a single input and get varying outputs.
  • Default currency configuration
  • European formatted result
  • Multi-currency support
Conversion Calculator
Conversion Calculator
Conversion Calculator


  • Lakhs to millions
  • Millions to lakhs
  • Crores to millions
  • Crore to billion
  • Ground to Sq. Meters
  • Cents to Sq. Meters
  • Display the results in European formats
  • Display the results in words
  • Multiple Currency Support

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